MediClean Forte Detergent

MediClean Forte Detergent

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MediClean Forte Detergent 5L

For use with Tethys under-bench washer disinfectors. Mocom H10/H10+ benchtop users please see 'TethyClean'.

Available individually and in a 4 pack of 5L bottles. 

For automated cleaning of surgical instruments, containers, and other medical items. neodisher® MediClean forte is an alkaline detergent which reliably removes dried and denatured blood residues while being gentle on material at the same time. neodisher® MediClean forte greatly reduces the amount of organic material. neodisher® MediClean forte contains alkalis as well as surfactants which prevent the re-deposition of protein residues and also reduce the surface tension of the working solution. neodisher® MediClean forte is suitable for instruments and utensils made of stainless steel, instrument steel, optics, conventional plastics and the materials of anesthesia equipment. Anodized aluminum must be tested first for suitability.
Previous code - 9TETH-MEDIFORTE5L & 9TETH-MEDIFORTE5LX4 now replaced with 9T-MEDF & 9T-MEDF04
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