World-class Support

Mocom owners know to expect the best 

Mocom Australia Support understands that to have the best sterilisation equipment in the world, it needs to be supported by world class back up support. Technical companies who are trained and authorised to become Mocom agents have been through a careful selection process and you can be sure you have the very best technical and customer support available.

Sterilisation specialists

Mocom authorised technicians now undergo a sterilisation training module prior to technical training. This ensures they are all up to date with the science behind steam sterilisation and what level of compliance is required across the various industries and steriliser applications. Mocom Australia firmly believes that to be a great steriliser technician, the clinical science and reasoning behind what we do is an important part of ensuring safety all the way back to the patient.

Mocom trained technicians

Mocom trained and authorised technicians undergo full factory training and are required to receive continuing professional development refresher training as part of their contract with Mocom Australia. If you ask for a certificate of training competency, a Mocom trained technician will be able to provide you a copy. A Mocom trained technician has the specialist tools and access to genuine Mocom spare parts to keep your valuable medical equipment up to standard and in a reliable state.

Multi-level support for the life of the equipment

Mocom Australia Support works closely with its customers and receives regular feedback to provide the support expected and demanded in today’s busy working environment. There are multiple Mocom technicians in each capital city and major regional centres, most with access to Mocom loan sterilisers in the unlikely event that your steriliser needs to be removed for repair. In addition to your local Mocom presence, there is direct phone and email support from Mocom Australia’s head office which is capable of supporting you with any technical or customer relations question you may have.

Detailed reporting

Mocom Australia Support has now rolled out tailor-made documentation for your Mocom steriliser which has been designed to ensure a consistent level of service and to assist you to easily confirm that the service company that you are using is a Mocom Australia Support Partner. By using one of our authorised Support Partners, you ensure that your equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, using genuine Mocom spare parts and by the best trained technicians available. The paperwork completed by your local Mocom technician is then fed back into a national database to ensure there is a strong feedback loop of performance under Australian conditions.

High level warranty support

Lets face it, we all hope nothing will ever breakdown, but what’s important is how it’s handled if it does. All Mocom Australia Support technicians carry a range of genuine Mocom spare parts to carry out a warranty repair expediently at your premises. On occasions it may be necessary to remove the machine to a workshop environment in which case a loan unit will usually be offered. All Mocom spare parts are held locally in Australia to ensure fast turn-around time for your asset.

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