Valisafe Soil Test Starter Kit
Valisafe Soil Test Starter Kit

Valisafe Soil Test Starter Kit

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PCD Starter Kit

(1 x PCD; 5 x CEI Soil Tests)

The Standard PCD (Process Challenge Device) & CEI (Cleaning Efficacy Indicator) kit has been designed to closely replicate hard-to-clean dirty instrument.

  • Easy to use - place CEI in PCD & load into full machine
  • Easy to read - visual inspection that soil has been removed
  • Test soil simulation of human blood in accordance with ISO 15883
  • This CEI is Compliant with ISO 15883 Part 5

This is a visual indicator that helps you to identify that the load has been cleaned efficiently and can be used as a routine check.  ISO15883-1 6.10.2 Cleaning Efficacy Test 1 states a soil test must be carried out a minimum of Quarterly (See Table A.1 1.3)

Materials that closely replicate your dirty instruments are used, including simulated human blood and additives layered onto a stainless steel plate.  Therefore recreating your dirty instruments.

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